MoonSociety handles all aspects of developing and planning NFT projects; from concept to development, choosing the right artist and go-to-market strategy and everything else in between, we offer expert knowledge in all areas and guide you from the very start of an idea all the way to to creating, marketing, and selling NFTs.
NFT Project Conceptualisation

NFT Project Conceptualisation

  • Identifying the NFT art's subject and theme.
  • Creating the concept, LORE, and design of the NFT’s.
  • Developing collection dynamics, supply, merges and secondary collections.
  • Developing Roadmaps.
  • Designing Referral programs.
Fiscal Treatment of Cryptoactives

Fiscal Treatment of Cryptoactives

  • AML, KYC and data protection policies (CIP, CDD, SAR, UBO etc.)
  • SAFT and all latest regulatory developments - by country.
  • Development of legal structures for holding companies and SPVs.
  • Legal and technical advisory.
Personalized Marketing Solutions

Personalized Marketing Solutions

  • NFT Market Research.
  • Tracking and Reporting.
  • Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Performance Ads (focused on Project Awareness and NFTs Selling).
  • Guerilla Marketing.
  • Innovative strategy development.
NFT Project Management

NFT Project Management

  • Website designing and building with ‘Connect Wallet’ functionality - integration of both Credit Card and Multi-chain payment options.
  • Writing of: Whitepapers, Manifestos, One pagers, PitchDecks etc.
  • Gamified system implementation.
WEB3 Focused Outreach

WEB3 Focused Outreach

  • WEB3 CRM integration with the community (Twitter, Discord etc.)
  • Growth Hacking (Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Access to our full network.
  • Influencer reach and collab management.
  • Engage-2-Earn software